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Herman Bennett Foundation Vouchers

The Herman Bennett Foundation is a private non profit organization. We offer our vouchers to Ventura County residents needing financial assistance with spaying or neutering their family pet. The Foundation pays the veterinarian for the surgery.

Your animal will be given a brief examination and pain medication prior to surgery. The surgery will be performed in the standard manner of all spays and neuters with no difference in care, attention or materials used.

What is NOT included in the Herman Bennett spay/neuter voucher?

The voucher does not cover owner requested medical procedures such as blood work, IV catheterization, fluids, aftercare, or any medical complications. If you desire take home pain medication or an E collar to protect the surgery site they will be provided at your expense.

Please ask if you will incur any additional costs before leaving your animal, as these will be your financial responsibility.


The Herman Bennett Foundation
1330 Flynn Rd., Unit D
Camarillo, CA 93012

Tel: (805) 445-7171
Fax: (805) 445-7110


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